1. domynoe:

    Today my tech for my echo told me something interesting. Told him I’d really been struggling with the weight and diet this winter and he said (this is the gist, not a specific quote) that I need to focus on the shape of my body rather than the scale, especially in winter when it does get harder as…


  2. toshiyaontheshore:

    at the same time i’m rereading the tv en grey rp papa and i have going and i’m being simultaneously ruined by that GOSH………

  3. simplymetb:

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    Gif De Soul Loss espero que le guste credicto ——>  Imagen original


  10. mhysa-khaleesi:

    i decided that i’m going to switch my major to women’s studies. being in the design department was causing me to suffer from damn near constant anxiety attacks and i really don’t need that kinda shit in my life. so, i’m leaving the design department at my college and i’m switching to women’s studies and i’m goa go back on my anxiety meds

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